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Hometown Tourists: Forest Park Boathouse and the Zoo

Once again we played hometown tourists as we went out for a day at Forest Park.

We started our day at The Forest Park Boathouse. You're greeted by beautiful landscaping and flowers as you walk up. Then the couples and families boarding paddleboats and canoes and taking off onto the calm lake. Once you enter the boathouse you see the beautiful brick fireplace and windows watching over the lake and you are hit by the amazing smell of Sugarfire Smokehouse barbecue.

The Boathouse is run by Sugarfire Events. The menu has a nice selection of appetizers, sandwiches and entrees. For lunch John had the Mac Daddy BLT, served on toasted sourdough, BLT plus creamy avocado and chipotle aioli and I chose the special for the cay which was a slow smoked brisket with crisp onions and sweet red peppers on a ciabatta roll with a side of delicious pineapple slaw.

Forest Park Boathouse

When I think of a nice day in St Louis, Soulard often comes to mind. The market, the great patios to dine and drink on and walking from business to business enjoying the beautiful homes. Soulard is St Louis’ oldest neighborhood, with amazing brick townhouses from the mid to late nineteenth century and in recent years historic warehouses and other buildings have been turned into new lofts and condos. Several historic churches, events and neighborhood groups keep the area clean and safe and provide a strong community. Current home prices in Soulard and Benton Park range from $75k-$600k.

Soulard Homes

After lunch we headed over to the zoo. We are truly lucky to have such a beautiful zoo. The beautiful landscaping with exotic plants and flowers, the enclosures and the amazing homes they have built for the animals as well as the amazing edifices and design on the buildings on Historic Hill. The zoo is truly a gift.

We started off with Penguin and Puffin Coast. Although the aromas may not be as nice as Sugarfire Smoke, it’s worth it to have the penguins walking and swimming right there next to you. At the new bear home, the glass enclosures allow the bears to put their giant paws right there next to you as they swim around. Fall and winter weekdays at the zoo are amazing. The crowds are light and the animals seem a little more eager to show off when they get a visitor.

The St Louis Zoo

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