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Webster Thai And A Sequel 138 Years In The Making

This week we had another delightful evening at The Rep. Before the show we stopped in Tei Too, a modest storefront restaurant in Webster Groves on Big Bend. The menu offers a variety of appetizers, curry bowls, wok and stir fry specialties and rice and noodle dishes. We started with a new favorite, crispy and delicious Thai Toast, a mixture of fried ground chicken on French baguettes with a sweet cucumber and peanut dipping sauce. We also had Crab Rangoon. The Rangoon here looks more like a spring roll more than a wonton with much lighter shell and more cream cheese and crab filling than normal.

Tei Too Spicy Basil, Thai Toast and Fried Rice

For our entrees John had the Spicy Basil, loaded with crispy fresh vegetables, chili sauce and basil leaves. I had the fried rice with traditional onions, bell pepper and scrambled egg the fried rice here also has fresh basil and thyme giving it a delicious fragrant flavor. My mom had a Cashew Chicken with giant cashews and fresh vegetables in a roasted pepper sauce. Tei Too is a happy discovery we hope to visit again soon.

Olivette Homes

I recently visited Olivette. Centrally located, Olivette is near Clayton and Downtown as well as the airport and all parts of the county. Olivette offers quick access to shopping, dining and entertainment. Home styles vary featuring classic ranch homes, two stories as well as condos and new construction. Olivette is part of the highly-rated Ladue School District. Prices for homes currently range from $298.800-1.1 million.

A Doll’s House Part 2 is currently on the main stage at The Rep. This is the 2017 sequel to Ipsen’s A Doll’s House from 1879. The play is about Nora who committed the unthinkable act of leaving her husband and family in the 1870’s at the end of A Doll's House returning home fifteen years later. The play looks at society and gender rules and roles. The wonderful cast of four mixes comedy and drama expertly.

A Doll's House Part 2 Set at The Rep

While there is enough information provided in the play to catch you up from A Doll’s House, the brilliant cast of A Doll’s House Part 2 has a two minute video to catch you up.

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