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Potstickers and Belly Laughs

Last weekend we enjoyed brunch at Crispy Edge in Tower Grove South neighborhood. Crispy Edge is an Asian fusion potsticker themed restaurant. They offer a wild variety of potstickers for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even dessert. The potstickers are hand made with different doughs and fillings and fresh herbs and microgreens, for example the Everything Bagel potsticker with everything bagel dough wrapped around a cream cheese and chive filling. Another favorite was the Apple Pie potsticker with cinnamon dough and apple pie filling with a bourbon caramel sauce. They also have specialty cocktails and a nice variety of teas.

The restaurant has a very cool yet comfortable club feel and vibe. I thought of some hot West Hollywood spots. The fresh herbs they use are grown on a beautiful wall display. We were immediately ready to come back to try the other potstickers.

Crispy Edge Brunch

In South County, homes in the renowned Lindbergh school district have been in high demand for a long time. You’ll find a variety of styles to choose from. Ranches, two stories and condos, all near shopping at I-55 and 270. Homes range in price from $140-$550k.

South County Homes

This month Evil Dead The Musical is being performed by Stray Dog Theatre. This is the third time they have staged a production of this show and for good reason. Artistic Director Gary F. Bell told the audience before the show “Every now and then it’s fun to just have fun.” And the cast certainly delivered the fun.

If you’re not familiar with the movies, a group of college students go to spend spring break in an abandoned cabin in the woods and stumble upon The Book of the Dead and unleash demons. It’s just like the movies, but with song and dance.

The talented and sometimes acrobatic cast slays the audience with punchlines delivered straight to the audience, puns and 80’s horror movie clichés that keep the audience rolling with laughter. I felt two hours of perma-grin with sore smile muscles when I left the theatre. Yes, sometimes it is fun to just have fun.

Evil Dead the Musical runs Thursday through Sunday through October 27th but seats are going fast. For a small additional fee you can sit in the splatter zone and be part of the bloodiest show in town and receive a t-shirt to protect your clothes.

The set of Evil Dead The Musical, Splatter Zone T-Shirt, Splatter Zone victims before (L) and after (R)

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