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Stray Dog Theatre and Compton Heights

We spent an evening in Compton Heights/Tower Grove East this week. We began the evening with dinner at Guerrilla Street Food. It’s hard to believe that it was only seven years ago they kicked off one of our most popular dining trends in the area with their food truck. They opened the restaurant on South Grand in 2015 and run it similarly to what worked in the food truck. Limited menu, line up, order, pay and enjoy. The food is a Midwest/Filipino mashup of pork and chicken with amazing sauces and fresh ingredients.

Next we walked across the street to enjoy some fresh ice cream from Tower Grove

Creamery. Tower Grove Creamery has ice cream cups and cones, frozen yogurt, sundaes and other treats in an old-fashioned ice cream parlor setting.

On the way to the theatre we drove through Compton Heights and imagined living in the beautiful mansions. Stray Dog Theatre is one block away in the Tower Grove East neighborhood made up of beautifully restored single and multi-family homes. Prices in the area range from $100,000 to just over $1 million, all just steps away from some of the city’s best restaurants and entertainment.

We went to Stray Dog Theatre to see The Robber Bridegroom, a 1976 musical set in late 1700’s Mississippi. The show is based on a fairy tale and the show has the feeling of an old-timey showboat melodrama with an evil stepmother, mistaken identity, a talking head in a box, great music and loads of bawdy silliness and fun. The 150 seat theatre lets the cast move through the audience occasionally and make us feel like we are really in the show. The staging, cast, choreography and entire production is not to be missed.

For more information about homes in Compton Heights or any other great St Louis neighborhood

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