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The Clover and the Bee and Evita in Webster Groves

This week we enjoyed another beautiful evening in Webster Groves. As we were getting ready to walk out the door a story came on the news about Olive and Oak having raised over 1 million dollars for Mighty Oakes Heart Foundation, Ollie Hinkle Heart Foundation, Children's Heart Foundation and others compelling us to try their newest restaurant The Clover and the Bee.

On the way to the restaurant I called to ask if there was a wait for a table for three and if we would be able to have dinner and make it to the Rep on time. I was assured we would be fine. When we got to the restaurant we were asked if we were the ones who called and then told “I have your table all ready" and whisked to our seats. That was the beginning of the wows for the evening.

The Clover and the Bee dining room, fresh baked goods, Naan and spreads, three-cheese cauliflower soup and Brussels sprouts salad

We started with the Grilled Naan and chose whipped goat cheese with pistachio pesto and charred eggplant spread. Both were delicious but the goat cheese was light and refreshing with a tang that makes my mouth water thinking about it. John and my mom had the chicken and dumplings that were seasoned with a lot of fresh herbs. I had the three-cheese cauliflower soup. Roasted cauliflower gave it a smoky flavor with the rich cheese. I also had a delicious Brussels sprout salad with candied pecans, dried cherries and a maple vinaigrette.

After dinner, we had a chance to drive through Webster on the way to The Rep. Webster Groves is a beautiful historic city with great schools. It’s common to see families out for evening walks along the tree lined streets past old Victorian homes with huge porches. It's easy to see why it was included in Family Circle Magazine's 10 Best Cities for Families in 2008. Home prices range from the low $100’s to 1 million.

Homes in historic Webster Groves

When we got to The Rep we were excited by the beautiful set for Evita. I’ve seen Evita at The Fox and The Muny but to be this close to the action in the 900-seat theatre gives an exciting, different perspective. The set and costumes are beautiful but the stunning performances will leave images with you long after the show ends. Evita runs through the end of September, check it out if you get a chance.

The set of Evita at The Rep

For more information about homes in Webster Groves or any other great St Louis neighborhood

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Sep 14, 2018

I have been wanting to check out this restaurant and Evita. Sounds like I need to plan the same evening different date!

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