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Zombies and Asian Soul Food

Last weekend we had dinner at Lonas LiL Eats in Fox Park. Lona’s refers to their menu as Asian soul food. If you haven’t tried Lona’s yet, you pick rice paper wrap or plate, and the protein (my favorites are the steak or smoked turkey), then you choose a base (rice, noodles or salad) and sauces. I love all things spicy so the spicy sesame is always a favorite or the lime/ginger peanut sauce. The sides are fantastic. I love the spicy eggplant or the cucumber salad. And don’t skip the desserts and appetizers. The pineapple coconut butter cookies are light and crisp and delicious. The handmade steak and mushroom dumplings have always been a favorite.

Rice paper wrap and five star sampler

Recently a wrong turn led me to St Louis Hills Estates. Located off Jameson north of Gravois. St Louis Hills is well known for beautiful two story and gingerbread homes but this tucked away neighborhood full of beautiful mid-century ranch and two story homes is breathtaking. The neighborhood is just steps away from Target and Hampton Village and some of the cities best restaurants. Home prices in St Louis Hills range from low $100’s to low $500’s.

St Louis Hills ranches, bungalows and gingerbread homes.

I had the pleasure of seeing New Line Theatre’s production of The Zombies of Penzance. Zombies is enjoying their world premiere this month. Based on Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Pirates of Penzance, writer/director Scott Miller has written new and hilariously clever lyrics without missing a beat. You don’t have to know Gilbert and Sullivan or opera to love this show but you most likely will recognize Modern Era Zombie Killer that is a reworking of Pirates of Penzance Modern Major General.

One of my favorite things about New Line Theatre is the intimacy of the theatre and being able to see every expression, wink and nod from the exemplary cast. In this production, the zombies and maidens surround you and it’s a real treat. The cast is brilliant and the enjoyment they are having performing this show is contagious.

Stage for the Zombies of Penzance

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