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Classics: Three Kings and Three Daughters

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

This week I returned to an old favorite: Three Kings Public House. Let me start by saying I have never had a meal at Three Kings that I didn’t love. My husband pointed out that if you mention Three Kings in front of me I will immediately ask if you tried the Cap’n Crunch Shrimp (no longer on the menu but still available. TRY IT!). The menu includes everything from pub snacks to pastas and entrees and nine delicious burgers. My favorites are The Flame Thrower topped with pepper cheese, a sriracha mayo and breaded jalepenos, The Pretzel Melt topped with provelone and caramelized onions on a pretzel roll. This time I had the Bacon Jam, topped with bacon jam and gruyere cheese on a brioche bun. I substituted a chicken breast for the burger. I also highly recommend something I would normally not order, the Fish and Chips. Cod in an amazing crispy batter with French fries or sweet potato fries. Also, think about designating a driver because they have 23-31 amazing beers on tap.

Cap'n Crunch breaded shrimp, Flame Thrower burger with sweet potato fries and Bacon Jam Burger (Sub chicken breast) and cauliflower risotto

On a recent drive through Manchester, MO in west St Louis county I was struck by the beautiful panoramic views. I turned into a few of the neighborhoods and found some wonderful two story homes and ranches. The area is part of Parkway, Rockwood and Valley Park School Districts. The area has many events including fairs, festivals, parades, concerts in the parks, carnivals and more bringing the community together throughout the year. Currently condos, townhomes, ranches and two stories range in prices from the 150’s-$600,000.

Manchester, MO homes.

This week we saw the classic Fiddler on the Roof at the Fox Theatre. I heard comments last week like “again?”, “do they only do five shows in St Louis? Fiddler, South Pacific, Oklahoma”, “hasn’t everyone seen this show like 500 times already?”. Yes, it does seem like St Louis theatre is Fiddler heavy.

This touring production of the 2015 revival directed by Bartlett Sher brings new life as he did with My Fair Lady and The King and I last year and South Pacific in 2008. The beautiful but simple sets allow the amazing cast and stunning choreography to be the true stars.

So maybe this was my 501st time seeing Fiddler, but it was as magic as the first.

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