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Love Never Dies and Chinese Crepes in U City

We were looking to try something new for dinner so we turned to St Louis restaurant critic Ian Froeb’s Top 100 Restaurants. His annual list has provided us with more than a few favorites over the years. We decided on Bing Bing, a new Chinese restaurant in the U City Loop. We started with Volcano Chicken. Two crispy, seasoned chicken breasts with melted American cheese between. The dish was simple and flavorful and was a nice start to the meal.

Bing Bing menu and counter, Volcano Chicken and Jianbing

For our main course, we shared two of the house specialties, Shanghai style jianbing, a Chinese crepe rolled into a burrito and filled with your choice of meat, scrambled egg, crispy wonton, fresh herbs and vegetables. The jianbing are served with plastic gloves so you don’t get it all over yourself when eating. The Shandong style jianbing with barbecue pork was our favorite.

While in University City we looked at a few of the neighborhoods. U-City is another one of those areas that has a perfect fit for most everyone. Bungalows and single story homes starting below $100k. Post WW2 track homes in the mid $100’s and of course the grand manors and private neighborhood homes $299k and up. There’s even a new home being constructed to match the University Hills neighborhood at just over $1 million.

University City Homes

The first show in this year’s Fox Theatre Broadway series is Love Never Dies. The long awaited sequel to The Phantom of the Opera takes place ten years after the original. The Phantom is running a Coney Island theater and side show where Madame Giry and Meg Giry perform. Christine and Raoul are married and have a son. Christine is invited to sing in an Oscar Hammerstein show on Broadway so their paths cross again.

Love Never Dies at the Fox Theatre

Andrew Lloyd Weber’s music is beautiful, the cast is wonderful featuring a few opera singers and the stages and costumes are as spectacular as the Phantom deserves. This is an original story with just enough call backs to the original to keep all the “Phantom Heads” happy; the back stage of the opera house and the amazing opera costumes from Phantom replaced by a Coney Island sideshow, scary clowns and freaks. One of my favorite songs from Phantom is recalled when Christine, Raoul, Meg Giry and Madame Giry are reunited and sing Dear Old Friend and the Phantom leads a new victim into his secret lair. Love Never Dies is an exciting start to what looks like an exciting season at the Fox Theatre.

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