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Sizzling Seafood Stew and Dixieland Jazz and Blues

You know sometimes you want to go OUT, you want to get out of your neighborhood and sometimes you just want to relax near home? Friday night we had a great evening in Bevo in South City but felt like we were thousands of miles from home.

For dinner we stopped in Mariscos El Gato, a Mexican seafood restaurant on Gravois. The restaurant is beautiful with under water murals and brick and Mexican art but noting is as beautiful as the fresh seafood they put on the tables.

The menu is extensive and completely in Spanish but our server was glad to help us find what we were looking for (even though we didn’t really know). We had Molcajete Kora, a seafood stew, loaded with shrimp, mussels, crab legs, octopus, clams, scallops and tender white fish in a spicy tomato sauce. They offer so many options, we hope to go back with a group so we can sample and share other dishes.

After dinner and margaritas we went a block over to Das Bevo and enjoyed a beautiful night in the biergarten. Annie and the Fur Trappers were on stage playing a lively mix of Dixieland jazz and blues as the crowd danced and drank and celebrated the beautiful evening.

The Bevo area has a lot of options when it comes to homes. There are many homes with St Louis wonderful architectural styles, original hardwoods, stained glass and woodwork, or homes that have been completely updated with every feature and amenity you would look for in a new custom built home. The beautiful manors in Holly Hills that run $300-500,000 to the bungalows that run in the low $100’s.

For more information about homes in Bevo or any other great St Louis neighborhood call Mark Madonna at 314-225-7478

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